Voiceover Recording with Steve Reevis #RIP

Below is a photo taken November 18, 2006 outside the Independent Filmmakers Coalition of Kansas City (IFCKC) office with Native American actor Steve Reevis following a voice recording session with him for filmmaker Carol Burns documentary film Mni Sose.

11-18-2006 photo with Steve Reevis #RIP
November 18, 2006

#streamingvideo Photo 11/18/2006 post voiceover recording session with Native American actor Steve Reeves #RIP Thank you for blessing filmmaker Carol Burns documentary Mni Sose with your narrations that people should listen to & learn from @YouTube https://t.co/E4LthrkxiX pic.twitter.com/r1UTgtjbRW

— Aaron Gnirk (@aarongnirk) March 31, 2019 

Watch MNI SOSE embedded below courtesy of filmmaker Carol Burns on YouTube.

MNI SOSE – Part 1

MNI SOSE – Part 2

MNI SOSE – Part 3

MNI SOSE – Part 4